Dental Implant Services in Honolulu

smile innovations hawaii best 2023 At Smile Innovations Hawaii, Dr. Cecile Sebastian and her team are revolutionizing dental implants in Honolulu, Hawaii. Using state of the art cone beam technology and digital scanners to create 3D models, they can plan the procedure before the procedure.  A surgical guide is fabricated based on this initial planning to allow a minimally invasive surgery to place the implant resulting in precise placement, faster healing and minimal to no pain.


Dental Implants Procedures:

Single Tooth Implants:  If you have one or more missing teeth only, implants can replace those you have lost and return your mouth to a fully, functional, healthy mouth to last a lifetime.

  1. Records are taken.  A cone beam computed tomograph and digital scanner are used to plan the proper placement of your new crown.
  2. A surgical guide is fabricated based on this plan.
  3. Dental implant placement is performed using this guide for minimally invasive surgery with minimal pain and discomfort.
  4. A temporary crown may be placed on the day of the implant placement.
  5. A final crown made to match the remaining natural teeth is made and delivered usually 3-4 months after placement.


Multiple Implants:  If you have lost more than one tooth in the same area, implants can be placed and a fixed multiple unit. bridge built on the very strong implants to avoid having to wear dentures.  This is a better option than wearing dentures as implants help you retain your bone while dentures slowly allow the melting away of your bone structure.

Fixed Hybrid Prostheses:  If you have lost all of your teeth or your remaining teeth are too damaged, weak and not salvageable, implants are a great solution to allow you to continue to eat and function with teeth that do not move.  These fixed hybrid prostheses can look very natural and helps patients avoid the embarrassment and pain of removable dentures.



Our Commitment to Continuous Learning: Dr. Sebastian is renowned not only for her exceptional patient care but also for her dedication to the ongoing advancement of dentistry. She actively imparts her knowledge through lectures at community groups and the Hawaii Dental Association State Convention, embodying the ethos that the best dentists are lifelong learners.

Cutting Edge Procedures and Technology for Precision and Comfort:

  • Axeos 3-D Dental Imaging: This cutting-edge technology provides detailed 3D data for accurate diagnoses, all within the comfort of our clinic.

  • Solea Dental Laser: Revolutionizing dental procedures, the Solea CO2 laser system offers a virtually painless experience, replacing the need for traditional drills.
  • PRP (Protein-Rich Plasma):  Using our patient’s blood, we are able to extract growth factors that help in wound healing.  This is used after extractions, during sinus or implant surgeries in our office.  PRP has been proven to aid in bone healing and reparation of boney defects.  This has improved patient outcomes also by decreasing the time necessary to heal.



  • PRF (Protein-Rich Fibrin):  This is clinically proven to help our patients heal faster after tooth extractions.  Using our patient’s blood, we can extract the PRF which act as bioactive surgical additives to induce wound healing and reduce discomfort.

Same-Day CEREC Restorations can be used with Implants:  Experience the convenience of same-day, custom-designed ceramic implant restorations with our CEREC technology.


Your Smile Transformation Awaits: At Smile Innovations Hawaii, your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile and proper breathing is our mission. Contact us at (808) 537-2880 for a complimentary consultation or to schedule an appointment. Embrace the future of dentistry with us and let your smile shine!