Honolulu HI Cosmetic Dentistry

At Smile Innovations Hawaii, our goal is to enhance your unique smile, making it whiter, straighter, and beautifully aligned with your facial features. We believe in the transformative power of cosmetic dentistry, which has gained immense popularity due to its ability to improve both appearance and self-confidence.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Include:

    • Veneers: Perfect for creating a whiter, smoother, and more uniform appearance.
    • Crowns: Ideal for covering and protecting damaged teeth.
    • Dental Implants: The best solution for permanent tooth replacement.
    • Gum Surgery: To correct gummy smiles.
    • Cosmetic Fillings: Using tooth-colored materials for a natural look.
    • Cosmetic Bonding and Contouring: For minor dental imperfections.
    • Full Mouth Rehabilitation: All teeth are restored to natural beauty and proper function using porcelain
    • Full Mouth Dentures with Implants: Even without any natural teeth remaining, we can help you achieve a beautiful smile and enable you to eat comfortably again. Implant-overdentures

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry:

    • Longevity: Our modern cosmetic solutions can last for decades.
    • Youthful Appearance: Our treatments can make you look and feel younger.
    • Boosted Self-Confidence: A beautiful smile significantly enhances self-esteem.

Same Day VeneersWhy Choose Dental Veneers? Veneers can revolutionize your smile, addressing issues like discoloration, chips, or uneven teeth. They are a top choice for achieving that coveted Hollywood smile. With minimal enamel removal, they offer a quick, effective, and long-lasting solution.

The CEREC Advantage: We are proud to offer CEREC restoration services, a state-of-the-art method for creating custom, color-matched, and durable ceramic restorations in a single visit. Whether you need simple fillings or full crowns, CEREC delivers outstanding results conveniently and efficiently.


    • Single Visit: Get your restorations done in one appointment without the need for temporaries.
    • Comfort and Precision: Say goodbye to uncomfortable impression trays.
    • Aesthetic Perfection: Enjoy restorations that are color-matched and have a natural look and feel.
    • Proven Success: Join millions who have benefited from this clinically proven technology.


Begin Your Journey to a Dazzling Smile Today! Don’t wait to experience the life-changing benefits of a beautiful smile. Contact us at Smile Innovations Hawaii to schedule your consultation and embark on the road to a new and improved smile. We are dedicated to ensuring that every patient leaves our office with a smile that brightens their day and boosts their confidence.

If you have any cosmetic dentistry questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call (808) 537-2880 or send us an inquiry via webmail.